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Jereshia Said

Having the courage to start your own business and actually sell your consulting services online can be tough. Look, it may not be easy but can it can simple. In each episode, we take a deep dive into one core growth strategy so you can gain a solid understanding of what’s required to serve, sell, and scale your consulting business. All you have to do is listen to what Jereshia Said.

Oct 7, 2020

If you’re a service provider, and your primary method of enrolling clients is via organic content then you’re not going to want to miss this episode. I’m going to be going through the five reasons your content isn’t converting and what you need to change in order to land your ideal clients.


Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Focus on one clear promise  - When introducing a high ticket item, many people try to introduce more offers to sell. Instead, you need to focus on one clear promise and speak to a clearly defined audience rather than trying to capture everybody.
  • Whose opinion are you listening too? - Being too worried about everyone else’s opinion can hold you back. You only need to focus on the opinions of qualified leads and people with relevant experience.
  • Whose problem are you solving? - Stop focusing on your problems and start focusing on the problems of prospective clients. Your business doesn't exist to serve you, it exists to solve someone else’s problem.
  • Are you playing hard to get? - Stop waiting for people to speak to you. As a business owner, you need to be proactive and be the first one to start a conversation.
  • Learn to overcome sales objections - Do you offer a discount or down-sell the first time you hear a sales objection? Sales objections and rejections are inevitable. It’s part of the game. You need to learn to overcome them rather than thinking something’s wrong with you as a business coach.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 


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