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Jereshia Said

Having the courage to start your own business and actually sell your consulting services online can be tough. Look, it may not be easy but can it can simple. In each episode, we take a deep dive into one core growth strategy so you can gain a solid understanding of what’s required to serve, sell, and scale your consulting business. All you have to do is listen to what Jereshia Said.

Dec 4, 2019

Today’s episode features none other than the first-ever business coach that I hired after getting serious about my business. She’s full of inspirational wisdom and you’re not going to want to miss what she has to say.

Starting out as a blogger, Courtney Sanders was initially writing about hair-care and eventually more about personal development. After more and more people came to her for business advice, she got into business coaching. Now she’s transformed her whole business model and is an inspiration for anyone who wants to build a super-successful business that’s in line with their ethics and values.

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Unhealthy growth – When Courtney began coaching, her primary focus was in growing her business and helping her clients to grow their businesses. While growth is important, she realized that a lot of her clients were failing in other areas of their lives. Solely focusing on growth can be unhealthy. From here she took a step back and re-evaluated things. She realized that her clients needed more than what she was giving them.
  • Are you aligned with your business? - Courtney was able to help people make money. She had the tools and tactics to get the financial results that her clients wanted. However, doing things in this way wasn’t aligned with her core values and what she wanted her brand to be about. Even though she felt a lot of friction from her clients, she pivoted and focused on becoming a coach in all areas of life as opposed to merely focusing on money.
  • What’s your current state? Courtney talks about a time in her life when she was comfortably making six figures, yet she was waking up late with low energy and not feeling particularly happy or vibrant. If you’re continually feeling low on enthusiasm, you need to question yourself and reflect. Even though running a business is difficult and challenging, it should bring you a lot of passion and joy. If you’re not feeling completely energized about getting up in the morning and getting to work, consider whether you need to pivot into an area you feel passionate and energized about.
  • Streamlining – While pregnant, Courtney realized she didn’t want to spend her time doing things that she didn’t particularly enjoy. After auditing the areas of her business, she essentially got rid of all the waste, automating a lot of her procedures so she could focus her time and energy on what she wanted to focus on.
  • Beware of the enemy – Be aware of the thoughts that come into your head. Both on a spiritual and psychological level. Courtney advises that just because you have a thought, it doesn’t mean that you have to believe it. The thought may not even be yours. When you’re trying to realize your dreams, it can be spiritual warfare. Be prepared.
  • And lots more! Tune in now. 


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