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Jereshia Said

Having the courage to start your own business and actually sell your consulting services online can be tough. Look, it may not be easy but can it can simple. In each episode, we take a deep dive into one core growth strategy so you can gain a solid understanding of what’s required to serve, sell, and scale your consulting business. All you have to do is listen to what Jereshia Said.

Nov 16, 2021

We covered a lot of ground on this episode:


• Why we are transitioning back to a launch based model vs evergreen enrollment
• Why webinars don’t work to sell high ticket coaching programs
• How to document your expertise when it feel intangible and highly customized
• What industry’s can thrive with group coaching programs


Special thank you to @moniquershields (Executive Coach), @dog_liaison (Dog Anxiety Expert) and @careerchangemaker (Career Coach for Lawyers) for hoping on and sharing your perspective on the structure of LEVERAGE and the value that a group coaching program has added to your business.


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