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Jereshia Said

Having the courage to start your own business and actually sell your consulting services online can be tough. Look, it may not be easy but can it can simple. In each episode, we take a deep dive into one core growth strategy so you can gain a solid understanding of what’s required to serve, sell, and scale your consulting business. All you have to do is listen to what Jereshia Said.

Jul 7, 2021


What decisions have you been delaying because of fear? You know what you need to do to take you to the next level, but it feels scary, so you keep delaying the decision indefinitely. 


You need to know that you are in complete control of your growth. 


Stop waiting until you feel ready to make the decision you need to make. Listen in on this episode as I share how this shows up with my clients, and lessons learned from it.


Jereshia Said Podcast - Ep #141 What To Do When You're Afraid To Commit To Your Goals

Key Highlights of the Episode

This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Are you saying you want a different result, but keep delaying in executing the action?
  • Why you won’t get the help you know you need 
  • What are you not doing, because you are afraid?
  • Stop waiting until you are fearless, focus your energy instead on how you can be more courageous.
  • And lots more! Tune in now.

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